Lloydine, dank je wel

Lloydine Burris- Bolon Ik, ex vrouw van José Argüelles is op 16 mei 2014 overleden en dag na haar 71ste verjaardag.
Tijdens haar 22-jaar lange samenwerking met Jose Argüelles, wijdde Lloydine haar leven aan het leggen van de fundering voor de Terugkeer naar Natuurlijke Tijd. Haar bijdragen zijn te veel om op te noemen, maar onder meer:​​ * Mede-oprichter Planet Art Network (1983); * Co-presentator van de oorspronkelijke Dreamspell-codes (1990) die de basis vormen van de 13-Maan Galactische Kalender (1992); * Co-oprichter van The World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement (1994) dat Nicholas Roerich’s leer van “Pax Cultura” nieuw leven inblies – waarin werd gepleit voor de oprichting van Wereldvrede door middel van Cultuur (Global Peace through Culture). De zaden van Lloydine’s en Jose’s inspanningen bloeien tot op deze dag, omdat deze fundamentele leerstellingen en culturele openbaringen goed gedijen in meer dan 90 landen over de hele wereld!

Eden Sky schreef de dag na haar overlijden deze mooie tekst.

“Beloved Lloydine Burris ~ Bolon Ik passed away today, White Electric Mirror, one day after her 71st Birthday. She was like a Galactic Grandmother to me. Because of her incredible service in devoting her life to the mission of the 13 Moon Galactic Calendar, I decided many moons ago to honor her by dedicating our new Red Solar Moon Calendar to her. Synchronistically, we literally finished our calendar files on her birthday, and then this morning we were literally in the process of uploading the files to our printer when we received the phone call she had just left this dimension. By the grace of divine timing, we were able to update the files to reflect her passing, and then sent them off… While I am heartbroken that she will not see the tribute I wrote to her, my prayer in dedicating this calendar to her is that it will inspire people to truly honor all that she did to ground this Galactic time science on Earth.

Beyond being a peace pilgrim and time wizard, LLoydine was one of the most sincere Buddhist practitioners I have ever met. She was truly accepting and at peace with all the immense challenges she was going through, having lost her ability to walk due to the bone cancer spreading all through her body, and even had surgery to put 14 titanium screws in her spine. She was in tremendous pain, but every time I spoke to her she never complained, she was never a victim, she always focused on the positive and what she was grateful for. Her resilient attitude has been something I have always admired about Bolon Ik, in addition to her grounded, practical, universal, compassionate approach to focusing on the natural basic goodness in all people and circumstances….

I can’t possibly put into words my respect, love, and celebration of Lloydine. All I can say is that I am so grateful for all she did to leave us all this Dreamspell legacy of Natural Time, and I am so grateful for all the hours and hours of sharing we had, as we were truly family, and I felt her immense support of our calendar work, and of who we are as kindred souls.

Lloydine was a true Warrior of the Heart, with an Invincible Positive Spirit. I am glad she has liberated out of her suffering body, and can now fly free to Source. And I know that She is everywhere now, and can feel all of us thinking of her and praising her in our hearts and minds. Truly, our appreciation and positive memories literally sends light to support her on her journey!

Lloydine – Bolon Ik – May you know how much I love you and how deeply grateful all the Planetary Kin around the entire globe are to you for the amazing time-is-art culture you helped generate that we may transform Planet Earth into a Living Work of Art! May you be so fulfilled with the way your lived your life, and all that you contributed to so many peoples lives. May you know we will keep carrying the galactic torch high, in your honor. May you be surrounded by Golden Doves & Rainbow Buddhas. May you return to the Love that you were always made of.

Eden Sky

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