Reis naar Chili

Travel to one of the purest regions on Earth

Walking the path of the Earth Wizard

“Swimming in this water is one of the most precious memories.”

We invite you to join us on this Earth Wizard experience from November 2- 14 2024, at KIVA elder Carola Esparza’s place in Villarica, in what now is called Chile, Ancestral Territory of the Mapuche Nation, 750 km south of Santiago.

The area is named after the Villarica volcano, also known as Rucapillán, a Mapuche word meaning house of the spirits, where you see the orange light glowing at night. The photo above is in springtime when there is still some snow.

13 Moon Calendar / shamanism

For 13 days, we will walk the path of the Earth Wizard. The Wizard in the 13 Moon Calendar is your inner shaman, your ability to know from within and connect to other invisible layers of existence. Is there a better place than to experience this in pure and beautiful nature? Empower yourself! Newen! Newēn is a Mapuche word for inner power. Mapu means Earth. The energy of Mother Earth are very present and will give us her teachings.

We will focus on the Earth (Caban) and Wizard (Ix). Ix is the female force, the empty bowl, the deep listening, listening with the heart, listening the nature and nature spirits. Our Earth, the body, is our vessel and instrument to recieve information. We will ‘clean’ and attune our body to listen deeply, while visiting the pure and powerfull places of Mother Earth – Nūke Mapu.

In 1999 founders of the 13 Moon Calendar Movement José and Lloydine Argüelles organized a 7 x 7 days Earth Wizard seminar in Chile. This year a 13 day Earth Wizard seminar is held in Chile organized by Carola Esparza (Chilean) and Nicole E. Zonderhuis (Dutch), As true 13 Moon teachers and Earth Wizards they will work with nature, with all our senses and with the elements.

We will visit the volcano (Earth-Fire), a hot spring (Water-Fire), Earth-Water: the Seven Lakes (Spanish: Siete Lagos), and Air-Water: Waterfalls. (You can choose the hike on the volcano 1 hour or advanced: 6 hours) We will also visit local and Mapuche artisans.

It is in this season nice weather, so we can swim in this clear blue waters!

Your humble guides and wisdomkeepers

Both known for their years work with the 13 Moon calendar and the KIVA ceremony and KIVA documentary: Carola Esparza (Chilean) and Nicole E. Zonderhuis (Dutch)
Both are advanced and experienced ceremonial leaders, traveling the world with ceremonial work and recieving new knowledge by listening to nature. Waterkeepers, firekeepers, copaleras, temascaleras (Sweatlodge), singer, speaker, prayerwomen, medicine keeper… for over 20 years without claiming to BE all this.

The Area

One of the seven lakes

Estimated price for these 13 days is around 100 euro a day. (Flight not included)
The more we are, the cheaper it gets. Price includes food, sleep, transport, entrance fee, wizard teachings.

– English/Dutch
– Minimum of 8 people
– sleep in cabin or tent. Just bring your sleeping gear: bag and pillow, and in a tent: matras.
– Vegan or other dietary wishes? Just ask.

You can contact Carola or Nicole for more information. E-mail:

Villarrica, Chile
Villarrica is a city and commune in what now is called Chile, Ancestral Territory of the Mapuche Nation, 750 km south of Santiago.

The Seven Lakes (Spanish: Siete Lagos) is a group of lakes which belong to the same drainage basin that starts in the Lácar Lake and ends in Corral Bay. Due to geothermal activity there are several hot springs in the zone.

The seven lakes are: Panguipulli Lake, Calafquén Lake, Riñihue Lake, Pirihueico Lake, Neltume Lake, Pellaifa Lake, Pullinque Lake

Carola and Nicole worked together since 2010. They gave workshops and ceremonies at many festivals and places.

Pucón is to Chile as Colorado is to America (she says, never having been to Colorado)—a veritable mecca of geographical phenomena converging in one place to create incredible beauty and an eco-loving adrenaline junkie’s paradise.

We will visit the waterfalls

Hot springs Manquecura

Traditional Mapuche artisans

We will meet – among others- a jewellery maker who can tell us a lot about the symbolism and meaning of the jewellery. There will be an opportunity to achieve this.


It is an unique and pure enviroment full of plants, trees and flowers that only exist here. The Auracaria is the sacred tree of the Mapuche. It is called Pehuén in the original Mapuche language.

sacred flower: Copihue
Surrounded by Maqui Berry at Carola’s place

It may look like a blueberry, but there’s more to the maqui berry than meets the eye. Learn more about the South American superfruit and if it has what it takes to be crowned the next big superfruit. Maqui berries have a higher Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) score than the blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry. Studies show eating foods rich in anthocyanins, like the maqui berry, may prevent certain chronic diseases, such as cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

There will be lovely mushrooms too. (April)

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