Year of Purification…..yes we feel it!

The last 4 periods of 13 days (called Wavespells) were very intense and working for this years energy: purification.

Skywalker  (sept 8 – 20) took us out of our comfortzone to let go of limiting beliefs and prejudices.
Worldbridger Wavespell ( sept. 21 – oct 3) helped us to let go and forgive…on a deep  level, changing our DNA, to establish a new YOU. Don’t be afraid. Let go and forgive. If you can’t, the Storm Wavespell (oct 4- 16) will come to rip it apart. Hold steady and let Storm do its work. Let it be transformed. Use the energy this process creates.
Human Wavespell (oct 17 – 29)  is the power of Free Will everything is a choice. How you see your life, how you experience what happens to you is your choice. What is it for you: you want to be the victim or 
the master of your own life? 

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