Who we are

We are Nicole E. Zonderhuis and Sylvia Carrilho.
Since 2003 we work together as Mayatzolkin.

Nicole and Sylvia are both independent graphic designers, who combine their talents to design the 13-Moon products. Frontier Publishing takes pleasure in giving them a free rein to exercise their creativity, so that we all may enjoy using their beautiful products which have been designed with love and care. They wrote and designed the 13-Moon Diary, the 13-Moon Workbook, the 13-Moon Pocket Diary, the 13-Moon Birthday calendar, the WaveMail (newsletter in English and Dutch), and various articles explaining how to apply and experience the above in our daily lives: Day by Day the Mayan Way! Their organization ‘Pan Orange’ plans the annual ‘Day out of Time’ festival on the 25th July. Nicole also gives workshops, interviews and lectures about the Maya’s and the Mayan calendar, as well as one-on-one consulting.

Since October 11th  2012 Sylvia stopped playing an active role in Mayatzolkin to work on new projects.

text, images and design, website:
Nicole E. Zonderhuis
1970,  Alkmaar, the Netherlands
Red Planetary Skywalker

Nicole traveled through Mexico and Guatemala. She studied the Mayan Wisdom, Native Traditions and the 13-Moon Calendar and lives according to it. In this way she became a spiritual trend watcher: spotting the general feeling and comparing it to the 13-Moon Calendar.

She is a designer/artist and writer, giving workshops about the 13-Moon Calendar in Holland and Europe, with a focus on the experience and practice in daily life. Day by Day, the Mayan Way!

For the last years Nicole was contributor  at the Frontier Symposium, Frontier Maya Day, the Maya day at Museum for Volkenkunde Leiden, The international Wisdom Gathering in Dalfsen,  the international Lothlorien Peace Festival and the Peace Week in Foulain, Lorelei Woman Festival, international  Womans Day and of course since 2003 inspirator and organizer of the Day out of Time.

Interview (from 14 min 40: firts you can hear 14 min Carola Esparza.)

“I studied Art, Landscape and Architectural Design. I was so fortunate to have a teacher who made me aware that it is possible to read a location before designing; many times the place asks us for a certain type of use. Studying the architectural history, you find that monuments are placed on locations with a strong energy and many times a legend arose concerning the site. I visited power places in Europe; standing stones and stone circles in France and England like Stonehenge, churches built on old sacred sites, places with stories like the Arthur legend in Tintagel. I felt that sometimes a place was so happy to get focused attention that I felt the urge to bring people together on these sites. First, I used architecture and art as the medium. But later I sensed that people are looking for a way to express themselves on power places. We have forgotten the ceremonies; we have forgotten how to pray and how to act. It was painful to see the uneasy behavior of the people at the sacred fountain in the forest in Brittany. But who am I to stand up and guide them?

Well, I am 10 BEN, Red Planetary Skywalker. The affirmation for the Skywalker is:
“I am your messenger of the Light.
I give to you the ability to travel through time and space.”
As a Skywalker I am the messenger, and sometimes the ropedancer, balancing high in the sky. Tone 10 is about Manifestation. People with tone 10 change raw material and information into something visible and tangible
For me, to be 10 Ben, is about giving shape to the unseen connections, to the message. In WebCraft, my work as a designer/artist, but also with the MoonCraft activities, likthe moon-ceremonies and 13-Moon Calendar workshops, brings people closer to their inspiration and makes the cosmic connection tangible.”

In lak’ech
Nicole Lahun Ben

initiative, design and layout:
Sylvia Carrilho
1959, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Yellow Crystal Human

Sylvia lives and works in Amsterdam. Since her involvement with the Tzolkin and the 13-Moon Diary, she finds herself to be in a synchronous stream. From the beginning, she had an irresistible desire to give graphical form to the sacred Cosmic calendar in order to support integration and transformation. According to the 13-Moon calendar, she should be doing what she does: giving form to the foundation from which all birth can originate (Dragon Wavespell), bringing people and ideas together (Tone 12). She considers the 13-Moon calendar as a path, but adds: “many roads lead to Rome,” (Human).

“Since my contact with the Mayan calendars, I accelerated in a synchronized flow.As a working mother, raised with Gregorian customs, I have always had the urge to make manageable ‘tools’ for natural time in day-to-day life. To support my integration/transformation, I developed the Tzolkin Day seals as a sticker and the 13-Moon menstrual calendar, which you can download as a PDF from the mayatzolkin website. Synchronicity is leading my development of more natural time tools. I’m open for questions, remarks, advice, ideas and stories to support our change in time.”

In Lak’ech
Sylvia Ca Lahun Eb

Our Publisher:
Frontier Publishing
telephone 0031-20 – 3309151

Frontier Bookshop & Publishing off ers (in Dutch and English), a wide variety of books, magazines, DVDs, videos, tools and crystals. We cover various ranges, including: alternative health, alternative therapies, New Age, conspiracies, UFOs, crop circles, lost civilisations, Tesla and free energy.

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