The Crystals of Santa Maria del Oro

Crystals are special and are often used for spiritual purposes. They have healing properties and are capable of directing energy. They poses knowledge as well, knowledge of their place of origin and often much more. It has been said that the crystal skulls have been charged with knowledge we will one day need.

Have you ever wondered where the crystals in the shops come from? Crystals are mostly hidden deep in the earth. In order to find the one needs to dig into the earth. Often this is not done by one individual with a pick ax but by big machines, which only dig for the big veins of crystals. The bigger the crystals the more money is made on them. Not much spirituality is involved.

 The Crystals of Santa Maria del Oro

These crystals have been taken from the earth by hand en often just picked from the ground in the valley of Nayarit, Mexico. In 2005 I traveled for a month with a Mexican shaman, Sergio and his (spiritual) family. Sergio is a special person; he is the spiritual father for a large area in Mexico. He teaches the traditional way of life of the Mexican indigenous peoples and their religion, ceremonies as well as healing arts using medicinal plants. He teaches one to reconnect with nature and the earth in order to preserve the authentic knowledge and experience.

Sergio sings to the spirits requesting to find the crystals.

In a valley close to Santa Maria del Oro Sergio performed a ceremony praying to the spirits and asking them to lead him to a place where he could find crystals. We were lead to and found, after some digging, the crystals. At times even without having to dig, right on top of the soil. They are not very big, like the ones in the shops, but very colorful small crystals.

I felt privileged to be part of the experience and found some crystals myself. A few was enough for me but Sergio continued and found more. These are not for sale or for his own use. He has a purpose for them;


Sergio’s goals:

  •  He would like to connect sacred and special places through the use of the crystals. One was placed by me in the ground at the mountain called Belucha in the Altai, Siberia. Since crystals are from the earth they want to return to the earth. The objective is to return them in a spot which is a powerful place and/or in your garden as to connect you with the sacred and special places of the other crystals.
  • Sergio is also hoping to protect the area where the crystals were found. Unfortunately the Mexican authorities have also become aware of the valley and want to change it into a tourist destination where they can find and collect the crystals themselves. In order to develop the area the authorities want to move the currant inhabitants. These people have lived in the valley and surrounding area for centuries. Sergio hoops to prevent the removal. How? By connecting the sacred and powerful areas through the crystals, spreading them among spiritually inclined people and raising the positive and healing energy of them and directing this energy towards the valley.

Preparing ceremony

  • If you would like to support Sergio financially in his work of protection of  the indigenous knowledge of his people or would like to get one of Sergio’s crystals please contact me or get in touch with Raices de la Tierra on facebook


Storage of the crystals

It is important to protect the your crystals. A piece of silk or a small pouch will do. The crystals are at rest and can just be. It is easy for a crystal to absorb the energy from its surroundings.


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