Storm Wavespell – to clean or to be cleaned

Welcome to the Storm Wavespell. We are in the middle of the Storm now. Storm is giving a lot of energy which I am using to work. As you see on the picture this lady is giving me a hard time; walking around, stepping on the keyboard and messing up my papers. She is my storm now… asking my attention and forcing me to clean up my desk.  😉

If – after the previous two Wavespells – there are still things you don’t really want to face, the Storm Wavespell will be merciless. It will not be subtle: after all, a mild breeze is not a storm. Know, however, that this only occurs to purify and transform you. If everything remains calm in your life, don’t forget you might end up in somebody else’s storm. Remain calm. Storm also gives you great power; you have much energy to deal with all sorts of things. Put your shoulder to the wheel!

Things will change…so you better remain at the helm and stay on course. Enjoy the ride.


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