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LAMAT:  (la mot)  – Yellow Star

Contains the ripening power of the Yellow South

Key words: Beautifies, elegance, art

Affirmation: I am LAMAT; STAR; I show you the way. I give to you clarity and harmony.

Power: The power of the Star is knowing when your creation is finished. Nothing more, nothing less. The power of the Star is an inherent sense of harmony and the will to transform everything into beauty. The Star is able to add just that little extra which gives his creation a surplus value, and only in a blink of an eye. Creation becomes art; it radiates beauty into the world.

Guidance: Focus on recreating and expanding elegance and harmony. Let go of self-judgement and consider your life a piece of art.

Solar Seal topleft by Aurora. Text: Nicole/ Aluna Joy Yaxk’in. –  Affirmations (I am…) : Rita van Vliet


Yellow Star Wavespell
kin 248 to 260


Radiate outwards – and/or – natural order
beautify, elegance, art


Seal Star: Star is a natural and congenital tendency for harmony and the will to sublimate everything into beauty. With just one small touch of Star, a little something is added that makes things more valuable. Creation becomes art and brings beauty into the world.


Star Wavespell: This is the last Wavespell of the Tzolkin and for a good reason! Now is the time to perfect things. Finish your
creation, so that it becomes a work of Art. Star’s shadow is resistance: something you will both encounter and search for these days. You will be focused on your environment and not be in touch with your inner world as usual. It is wise to radiate inside from time to time, to create enlightenment there as well! Remember that maybe the Star can only be found on the scorpions tail; only ‘when it is dark enough, you can see the stars’.


© text and images Nicole E. Zonderhuis,


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