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BEN: ben – Red Skywalker

Key words: Explores, Space, Attentiveness

Affirmation:I am BEN; SKYWALKER; I am your messenger of the Light. I give to you the ability to travel through time and space.

Power: Too much choice can paralize a man. The power of the Skywalker gives you the courage to break new ground… and if necessary to turn around if your choice turns out to be a poor one. By opening up and being attentive to what he finds on his chosen path, he knows whether or not it is the right path. The Skywalker teaches us how to transform space, by using time as our ally.

Guidance: Focus on sharing sacred messages in order to unite Heaven and Earth. Float into the unknown, beyond previous directions.

Solar Seal topleft by Aurora. Text: Nicole/ Aluna Joy Yaxk’in. –  Affirmations (I am…) : Rita van Vliet

Red Skywalker Wavespell
kin 53 to 65

Explore the external world
explore, space, wakefulness

Seal Skywalker: Skywalker brings courage to reach beyond the limits of known and safe places. It encourages you to explore the great outdoors. Skywalker is also the channel to receive messages.

Skywalker Wavespell: The Skywalker Wavespell asks you to pay attention. You might be confronted with choices or you might start doubting whether or not you have taken the right path. By being open and perceptive to whatever you come across on your path, you will know whether you have taken the right path or not. The Skywalker is also about courage: the courage to turn around when you realize you took the wrong path, the courage to speak your truth, the courage to leave the safe nest and to discover the world. Keep moving. That is Skywalker’s assignment in situations as well as in ideas. “Those who remain with both feet on the ground, don’t get very far”, Loesje.
Skywalker also asks you to remain aware of your limitations. Have you created enough space for yourself?

© text and images Nicole E. Zonderhuis,

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