Serpent Wavespell – prepare yourself

As we entered the Serpent Wavespell we also entered the Blue Castle of Burning. Blue is the colour of transformation. Transformation is what this Castle performs. The Serpent Wavespell is the first of this Castle; it contains 10 GAP days as from the second day. GAP days are highly energized. It is challenging to use the energy to make great changes in your life. The Serpent Wavespell is followed by the Mirror Wavespell. The Mirror shows you everything and that including everything you do not wish to see. It is impossible to escape. During this Wavespell there are 20 days in which we dwell in the intense middle column, where future and past come together and are mirrored in the present. It is a highly charged period making your heart beat faster and raising your blood pressure. Take special care of your body these days. Trying to be in the HERE and NOW will make you profit of the beauty this middle column has to offer. Taking care of yourself will have a beneficial outcome to your entire person and life. The Monkey Wavespell acts like a mirror—Monkey laughs at everything you are doing and which bore you. After the middle column (see green frames) there are five quiet days that lapse into 10 GAP days in the Seed Wavespell. That is not to be ignored. That is why we call this intense Castle the Castle of Burning.

Serpent as a Mayan Symbol:
There is perhaps no other creature of higher popularity among the Mayan culture than the snake. Well, maybe jaguars and eagles ranked equal or higher, but the serpent is an undeniably profound centerpiece in the Mayan’s symbolic nobility. On all temples the serpent is present.  Serpent is the symbol representing regeneration; it changes skin. Do you know that the Mayan serpent shed its skin  around July 26th- the New Year.
(Middle American rattlesnake- crotalus durissus)

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