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KAN: (k’on) – Yellow Seed

Contains the ripening power of the Yellow South

Key words: Targets, Flowering, Awareness

Affirmation: I am KAN; SEED; I am your creativity and sexuality. I give to you the power of growth and reproduction.

Power: The flower will be born from the seed, provided some conditions are met, such as furtile soil for nourishment, space and time to grow and sunlight to warm itself. The seed carries within itself all conditions necessary to grow. It is the seed of your creative and sexual power. The Seed brings you the happiness of Self, like a baby who discovers his own hands, needing nothing else…

Guidance: Focus on the power of your intentions. Sow the seeds of your dreams. Be clear as to how you can give yourself more space, so that you may receive natural growth of your visions and desires.

Solar Seal topleft by Aurora. Text: Nicole/ Aluna Joy Yaxk’in. –  Affirmations (I am…) : Rita van Vliet

Yellow Seed Wavespell
kin 144 to 156

Giving – and/or – knowing when the time is right
target, flowering, awareness

Seal Seed: Seed symbolizes the seed itself as well as the soil in which it grows. The seed holds all possibilities for the future and the fertile soil contains all ingredients to make the seed germinate, to make it grow and to blossom. Seed is straightforward action, it is potency and holds the power of growth and development.

Seed Wavespell: The Seed contains all the possibilities. All you desire and all you want to achieve is already present in Seed. At the same time, Seed is also the fertile earth which already contains everything to allow the seed to germinate. The only other necessity is sunlight. Seek the light in order to allow all your talents and potential to flourish. Use these 13 days and 10 GAP’s to allow the light into your life. Be quiet and allow yourself to feel where and why you have difficulty allowing the light to penetrate. Leave the darkness behind you for what it is and allow yourself to become the gift that you are. Allow yourself to flourish and prosper.
And don’t be too impatient, for that too is part of the Seed Wavespell. Seed knows when it is time to germinate and flourish.

© text and images Nicole E. Zonderhuis,

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