Make a good start of the new year

Make a good start of the new year with the help of the Worldbridger

January 1, many people celebrated the (Gregorian) New Year.  On 1 January in the 13-Moon Calendar it was the 11 Night – and thus gives this tone- seal combination the Gregorian year its energy. Blue Spectral Night stands for “Letting Go of Fear” and for ” Releasing the Dream”. It’s a coming back on earth – two feet on the ground. It sounds strange, but could it be that your dreams  prevent you from being happy?  Are you unhappy because your life is not what you would want it to be? Then it’s time to let go. This year we must take action and use both hands to achieve. For that, we must let go. This World Wavespell will help us to release. Because only where there is space something new can emerge. Dare to let go. Know that each release is accompanied by sorrow, like birth brings joy.

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The Crystals of Santa Maria del Oro

Crystals are special and are often used for spiritual purposes. They have healing properties and are capable of directing energy. They poses knowledge as well, knowledge of their place of origin and often much more. It has been said that the crystal skulls have been charged with knowledge we will one day need.

Have you ever wondered where the crystals in the shops come from? Crystals are mostly hidden deep in the earth. In order to find the one needs to dig into the earth. Often this is not done by one individual with a pick ax but by big machines, which only dig for the big veins of crystals. The bigger the crystals the more money is made on them. Not much spirituality is involved.

 The Crystals of Santa Maria del Oro

These crystals have been taken from the earth by hand en often just picked from the ground in the valley of Nayarit, Mexico. Continue reading

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Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj in The Netherlands

I feel so honored to have met and welcomed the high Maya priest Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj here in my home country. In 2002 I traveled to Guatemala in search of him. This was a real quest that forced my to go within for answers and directions. It took me a month to find his house and then… he just left half an hour earlier…
I realized then my quest has finished already, It was OK. I had to leave to catch my flight.

Now, here he was. This wonderful man who himself is the Shift of Ages. He touches the hearts of anyone nearby.
He did a beautiful fire ceremony and shared his wisdom and wishes.

The beautiful thing is that it was a mix of calendar this day – the tradition Quiche calendar and the Dreamspell count – because in the Dreamspell it was Don Alejandro’s sign in the Quiche count. A funny synchronicity- a honoring of Don Alejandro by the Dreamspell count.

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Happy New Year

We celebrated an wunderful Day out of Time here in Holland , Utrecht at Bluechapel. The next day the first raindrops fell… what better start of a See Year which will bring fertility. Also in Mayan times the Seed Year was considered as a very good year.

The cover for the diary of this Yellow Galactic Seed Year by Nicole E. Zonderhuis is inspired by Van Gogh’s The Sower.
The Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh painted his world famous painting “The Sower”  in June 1888. After 2012 the New Time arrived. We cannot expect this new World to be fully grown. We are at the first stage of sowing the seeds for what we want to harvest in the future. Van Gogh as a White Electric WorldBridger  and a galactic activation portal  was in the Yellow Seed Wavespell himself. (Like Nicole E. Zonderhuis)
The funny thing is that he said this painting was a kind of a self-portrait. He said: ”The artist is the sower, we are the earth.”

Click on the image to download the images for this years iPhone background.


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Mirror mirror on the wall

 by Ardy CardyToday the Mirror Wavespell started. Many of us have had a transformational Serpent Wavespell with a row of 10 GAP’s. Now it is time for the truth; what will the mirror reflect to you? Mirror alway reflects the truth. Have you been good? You will meet goodness. Have you been untrue, you get it back. Especially these 13 days. Can you face the truth? But don’t get depressed  by your mistakes. We all make mistakes, we’re human. Every day is a good day to change your life. To walk your talk. Be the living example of what you believe in.

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Serpent Wavespell – prepare yourself

As we entered the Serpent Wavespell we also entered the Blue Castle of Burning. Blue is the colour of transformation. Transformation is what this Castle performs. The Serpent Wavespell is the first of this Castle; it contains 10 GAP days as from the second day. GAP days are highly energized. It is challenging to use the energy to make great changes in your life. The Serpent Wavespell is followed by the Mirror Wavespell. The Mirror shows you everything and that including everything you do not wish to see. Continue reading

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Human Wavespell

Today May 15 th started the Yellow Human Wavespell. Human is about all issues of being a human.
On the headlines of today are all about Human Rights and the violation of it.
• A US sergeant first class is under investigation for sexual assault.
• The men and women watching detainees at Guantanamo Bay deal with abuse every day.
• Ariel Castro’s ex-daughter-in-law never felt comfortable around the man who police say trapped and tortured three women for a decade.

Human is about respect; to give space to all beings to exist with us on this planet. To do what you can do to restore harmony in your surroundings.
Read more about what to expect in the Human Wavespell

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A new Wavespell ánd a new Moon

Today started the Storm Wavespell and it he first day of the eleventh Moon; the spectral Serpent Moon. The Storm energy sets the tone of the entire Moon ( and already is for the whole year) Read more


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7 Human: attunement in desicion making

Wow! What a great energy today. It works for me. Making a decision in this Worldbridger Wavespell. Today it is so clear to me how I want it to be and what it is I have to let go.
I love this 13 Moon Calender! It is so perfect that this energy of Attunement (Tone 7) is combined with Making Choices (Human) in the flow of Letting Go (Worldbridger wavespell).
If I would design it , I would do it like this. 😉

It is so easy today – if it doesn’t flow, let it go.
How important you think it is, this might not be the time.

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let it go

Marta Gomez – Dejalo ir

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