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ETZNAB:  (ehts’ nob)  – White Mirror

Contains the refining power of the White North

Key words: Reflects, Endlessness, Order

Affirmation: I am ETZNAB; MIRROR; I accept your shadow sides. I give to you purity and timelessness.

Power: The Mirror is the power of perfection. It is the Tzolkin itself, containing a perfect order of numbers, which is a reflection of the order of the universe. It is a mirror behind a mirror, it is reality behind reality. It is the Mirror that catches all the rays, subsequently reflecting it to the world as mirror image. What do you send out and what do you receive?

Guidance: Focus on differing between illusion and thruth. Accept your shadow side and your unconsciousness. Let go of everything that does not reflect your uniqueness. Reflect the light of the Spiritual Warrior.

© José Argüelles. Solar Seal topleft by Aurora. Text: Nicole/ Aluna Joy Yaxk’in. –  Affirmations (I am…) : Rita van Vliet

White Mirror Wavespell
kin 118 to 130

Radiate to your inner self – and/or – structural order reflect, endlessness, order

Seal Mirror: Mirror asks for only one thing: the truth. It’ll get rid of decay and will unfold everything to the light. Illusions no longer stand and are put aside. There is only one goal: like up there, like down here. In other words: to reflect the cosmic order upon the Earth.

Mirror Wavespell: During this Wavespell we are in the middle column (Core days) of the Tzolkin, where future and past join and are reflected in the present. The seal for Mirror is like the Tzolkin: they both look like a sandglass. Imagine the pressure at the point where the sand passes the middle. Indeed! It is an intensive period that will make your heart beat faster and your blood pressure increase. Take extra care of yourself during this period.
The side of the mirror has a sharp edge, which you can use to cut through bonds. Mirror also reflects. What image is reflected back to you? You may be hurt by the shadow side of some people when they try to project their problems onto you. Don’t be fooled. Search for the truth. In some situations it will be sufficient to mirror them, to give their problems back to them, where they belong. And naturally, ask yourself the question whether you put the monkey on onto someone else’s back…
Since White Mirror is about structural order it is a good time to organize your internal and external space. (The green border indicates Core days.)


© text and images Nicole E. Zonderhuis, Mayatzolkin.com

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