Make a good start of the new year

Make a good start of the new year with the help of the Worldbridger

January 1, many people celebrated the (Gregorian) New Year.  On 1 January in the 13-Moon Calendar it was the 11 Night – and thus gives this tone- seal combination the Gregorian year its energy. Blue Spectral Night stands for “Letting Go of Fear” and for ” Releasing the Dream”. It’s a coming back on earth – two feet on the ground. It sounds strange, but could it be that your dreams  prevent you from being happy?  Are you unhappy because your life is not what you would want it to be? Then it’s time to let go. This year we must take action and use both hands to achieve. For that, we must let go. This World Wavespell will help us to release. Because only where there is space something new can emerge. Dare to let go. Know that each release is accompanied by sorrow, like birth brings joy.

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