Happy New Year

We celebrated an wunderful Day out of Time here in Holland , Utrecht at Bluechapel. The next day the first raindrops fell… what better start of a See Year which will bring fertility. Also in Mayan times the Seed Year was considered as a very good year.

The cover for the diary of this Yellow Galactic Seed Year by Nicole E. Zonderhuis is inspired by Van Gogh’s The Sower.
The Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh painted his world famous painting “The Sower”  in June 1888. After 2012 the New Time arrived. We cannot expect this new World to be fully grown. We are at the first stage of sowing the seeds for what we want to harvest in the future. Van Gogh as a White Electric WorldBridger  and a galactic activation portal  was in the Yellow Seed Wavespell himself. (Like Nicole E. Zonderhuis)
The funny thing is that he said this painting was a kind of a self-portrait. He said: ”The artist is the sower, we are the earth.”

Click on the image to download the images for this years iPhone background.


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