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MANIK:  ( ma neek’) – Blue Hand

Contains the transformative power of the Blue West

Key words: Knows, Accomplishment, Healing

Affirmation: I am MANIK; Hand; I am your artistic and healing abilities. I give to you beauty and accomplishment.

Power: The Hand represents the power of ‘having a grip’. The Hand reaches out to the world to touch, integrate and understand everything. Those who have a grip, have understanding. Those who understand, have knowledge. The Hand symbolises everything we accomplish through our hands, including all material we transform into creation. It also means reaching out to other people. We carry the beauty of being human in our own hands.

Guidance: Focus on those areas that need accomplishment and healing. Use your own unique tools in order to open yourself to the next, higher level of being.

Solar Seal topleft by Aurora. Text: Nicole/ Aluna Joy Yaxk’in. –  Affirmations (I am…) : Rita van Vliet

Blue Hand Wavespell
kin 27 to 39

Want to keep in hand – and/or – cosmic healing
know, acomplishment, healing

Seal Hand: Hand is the power of touch and the power of creating a vision about the shapes and materials. From that point understanding is created. Hand stands for taking action, for creating things, for supporting and helping to heal.

Hand Wavespell: ‘Knowing’ is one of the key words of Hand. Hand ‘knows’ because he is curious and cannot tolerate not being in control. He always wants to keep the situation in hand. Hand wants to ‘grab understanding’. This Wavespell you will be challenged in this area. Maybe there is more than you can or need to understand. Or maybe the right knowledge or teacher will reveal itself/himself. It is now time to literally focus on your hands. Look well after them and let them do what they like to do. Do they want to model clay, do they want to draw, write or massage? Especially creative processes that are manifested through your hands are healing. Don’t give up too easily – this is about accomplishment. To let something be untouched, will not make you happy. However, it will make you happy if you pick it up and deal with it.

© tekst en beeld Nicole E. Zonderhuis, Mayatzolkin.com


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