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CABAN:  (kah bon)  – Red Earth

Contains the initiating power of the Red East

Key words: Evolves, Navigation, Synchronicity

I am CABAN; EARTH; I am your grounding and protection. I give to you earth power and crystal healing.

Power: The power of the Earth is a warm guiding power. She leads the way, and you follow her like a magnet. It is almost like gravity, but the Earth leads you in a horizontal direction. Follow your feet wherever they may lead. They walk the path of the Earth. Those who are good followers, will effortlessly walk in step with everything else. That is Synchronicity.

Guidance: Focus on receiving the soft power of Mother Earth’s soul. Let your energy be one with Gaya and the other servants of the Earth.

© José Argüelles. Solar Seal topleft by Aurora. Text: Nicole/ Aluna Joy Yaxk’in. –  Affirmations (I am…) : Rita van Vliet

Red Earth Wavespell
kin 157 to 169

Ability to go with the flow – and/or – earth healing
evolve, navigation, synchronicity

Seal Earth: Caban is ‘the one that moves’. Just like the Earth that is always turning. Just like the cycles of nature that are always in motion. The power of Earth is a loving and leading force that asks you to keep moving, to let go and to have faith in the outcome of your journey.

Earth Wavespell: What new thread is evolving in your life? Can you see how your path is connected to the Universe? Don’t hesitate to follow it.
It may be that you are easily distracted from your activity. After all, so much is happening simultaneously! Remain focused and follow your path. Stubbornness may be in your way during these 13 days. You might meet people who are totally convinced of their own ideas and who refuse to let go of them. Are they reflecting what you are doing yourself? Use the absorbing quality of Mother Earth to let this stubbornness flow into her. Earth will transform your suspicion into faith and she will remind you of your path. Earthquakes may appear out of nowhere, causing major shifts in your work or in your personal life.

© text and images Nicole E. Zonderhuis,

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