Activities wants to inspire people all over the world to work and live with the 13-Moon Calendar.
Since we are both designers we started to make a practical 13-Moon calendar for personal use. We were lucky to find  our ‘neighbour’ Frontier to publish what we made. We thank them for their believe in this material.

  • write and design several 13-Moon tools; see our publications
  • bring 13-Moon material to Holland
  • Newletter ‘The Wavemail’ in Dutch and English – since 2006
  • Teachings and lectures about the 13-Moon Calendar – since 2002
  • Explain the differences between the original Maya Quiche count and the Dreamspell/13-Moon count
  • Write articles
  • Perform Earth ceremony, speaking circles, moon Teachings
  • Personal 1-on-1 ‘horoscope’ reading
  • PAN Orange meetings (in the past)
  • organize the Day out of Time in Holland – since 2003
  • sponsor several charities
  • We are connecters who believe in Oneness; so in the Netherlands and international we bring PAN, 13-Moon people and Light Workers together.


And now we created this renewed interactive website:

  • to share knowledge and experiences with the Seals and the days
  • calculate your Solar Seal and Tone
  • read about the current Wavespells and dayenergy
  • see how todays headlines match and are explained from the 13 Moon Calendar
  • send us your feedback and questions
  • check for updates and downloads
  • subscribe to our newsletter, the WaveMail
  • shop at the 13 Moon shop.
  • see tips, links, books, articles about the Maya, the 13 Moon Calendar and way’s to make a better world.

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