260 Tzolkin stickers

 € 4  
260 Maya Tzolkin Calendar Stickers

ISBN 9789078070320
take a look inside 

• in English and Dutch
• 260 stickers
• size of one day sticker: 10 x 25 mm
• full colour
• size booklet: 15 x 21 cm
• incl. short English description of the meaning of all Seals and Tones
• No beginning nor end date – can be used any time
• in/on/at anything
• a nice production
• calculation table at the back
• discount on more than 10


How to use
260 different Tzolkin stickers showing the Solar Seal + Tone combination. They can be used on any wall calendar or ordinary diary. You can start on any chosen moment:

1. Find today’s kinnumber
2. Apply the corresponding sticker to your diary, dayplanner, journal or wall calendar.
3. Continue this job with a smile on your face
4. After Kin 260 continue with Kin 1.

Or start at Kin 1 and begin on the following Gregorian date:
October 31th 2013, July 18th 2014


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