13-Moon Diary

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Title: 13 Manen Agenda
van de natuurlijke tijd
Nicole E. Zonderhuis
ISBN: 9789078070870
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More colour, more information about every new Moon, Wavelines between each day in the Moons colour,  ‘to do’ suggestions at each Wavespell.

• diary from 26.07.2016 to 24.7.2017
• Dutch
• 180 pages full colour
• page size 13 x 20 cm
• lines at each day to schedule
• bound with wire o
downloadable cut-and-fold pocket for notes and 13- Moon Shortguide
• One week on 2 pages (spread)
• 8 lined pages for notes
• Gregorian annual review 2016 + 2017
• 13-Moon planner and Cycle calendar
Dutch design!

This 13-Moon Diary is a combination of the Gregorian calendar and the 13-Moon Calendar, or Dreamspell Calendar by José Argüelles. We have tried deliberately to keep this diary clear, in order to avoid excessive information. This means this diary is not complete. The Divine Being of Time is very complex; many books have been written about it. For more detailed information, we would like to refer to books and various websites dedicated to the 13-Moon Calendar. An overview has been included.

To complete your diary: Order also the 13-Moon Short Guide


In a changing world, wherein values can lose their significance from one day to the next, a trend has developed to return to the source: the foundation upon which we can firmly stand. In our hectic living from day to day, where each day seems to have less hours, we try to get a grip on time: either by means of time management, or by examining the phenomenon of time ‘under the microscope’.

What is time? How do you deal with it? How do you ensure that you regain ownership of your time without it slipping through your fingers? This book, apart from serving as a diary, provides a key to the answers to the above questions.

The 13-Moon Diary combines the common 12-month Gregorian calendar with the 13-Moon Calendar. José Argüelles translated the sacred 260-day Mayan calendar into the 13-Moon Calendar to make it available to the world. Meanwhile, the 13-Moon Calendar community has grown to become a global movement for peace, based on the ideals of José Argüelles. Is it not exciting to know that thousands of people worldwide are using the 13-Moon Calendar daily, instead of the plain Gregorian calendar?

It’s an easy-to-use day planner in which you can see at a glance what day it is according to the Gregorian calendar, as well as the 13-Moon Calendar. You can learn about the day-energies and plan your activities accordingly. Naturally, it has all the features of a contemporary diary, including a moon planner and menstrual cycle calendar.

It’s an attractive publication; the first diary produced with loving care, in full color, with beautiful illustrations and lots of space for making notes.



published by: Frontier Publishing
text, images and design: Nicole E. Zonderhuis www.mooncraft.nl
lay-out and designSylvia Carrilho www.burokd.nl



…I still have your book on my desk. What a NICE JOB! Beautiful!
Great blessings AJ (Aluna Joy)

 “thank you, thank you, thank you. I have never been so impressed with a PAN product! […] Your diary is an excellent bridge! The strongest one yet in my opinion. Here is a product I feel like really good about promoting.”
Ormundgandr PAN Scotland (2007)

“WOW… you have done it again. This is the best comprehensive well thought out 13- moon diary / Maya calendar study book I have ever seen to date.  It takes a lot of time and a great deal of effort to pull all this together and with such love and respect for all traditions of calendar use. This diary acts on the principle of In Lak’ech Ala K’in.  It is a honoring of the traditional Maya all the way to the diversity of modern day interpretations. I love the converting tables in the front – very easy and understandable.  This guide has it all …  plus a address book / moon planner / personal information / notes pages and handy ribbon bookmarks!  No one will want to leave home without it.  Congratulations!”
-Aluna Joy Yaxkin praising the 13-Moon Diary(2008)

“…I just had to write to you – I work for one of the  largest (if not the largest) bookstore chains in the world, and I deal with journals and diaries all the time – and I’ve NEVER seen anything as beautiful and well-designed as the diary that you have created. I am astounded at the wealth of information that you packed in; I wish I’d had one of these when I first learned the calendar, it would’ve saved me months of study! Many blessings to all of you!!!”
Adam Weaver 

“Dear Silvia and Nicole.
What a beautiful job you two did this year! It is stunning!  I send many Mayan blessings for the upcoming time in this world which is so full of transformation and change. Thanks for offering your gift to the lifting of the planetary collective! ”
Ariel Spilsbury 

“..A must have for those who want to keep track of the Mayan and Gregorian systems at the same time.”
Nexus Magazine 



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  1. Marg Adamska says:

    I would like to purchase 13-moon Diary of natural Times. I have been buying it for years from FSP, NL.
    Could you please direct me how to buy it from your web site? I can only pay by visa credit card.



  2. Hello, I am interested in becoming a reseller of the 13 moon diary. I really admire the excellence in your beautiful work. I am a licensed acupuncture physician with a small practice (Manik Healing Arts) in Orlando, Fl (USA). I would be interested in purchasing a few diaries, so I can reinforce my message about the natural time and its benefits to my patients, providing them with this facilitating tool.

    Please let me know about the resale prices and quantities, shipping and any other information relevant to the process of being a reseller.

    Thank you!
    In Lak’ech

  3. Anne Marie says:

    I am looking for your 2015-2016 Diary I cannot find that you have published one. Can you let me know if it is available this year.

  4. edesdraga says:

    diary for 2015-2016 the white planetary wizard year? i wish it has been made but i unfortunately i cannot find anywhere….

  5. edes says:

    Hello Nicole, do you have the new 2015-2016 calender for the white planetary wizard year? I cannot find anywhere unfortunately……but I would love to have it please

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