13 Moon Diary 2016 -2017

Title: 13 Manen Agenda
van de natuurlijke tijd
Author: Nicole E. Zonderhuis
ISBN: 9789078070870
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Yeah I know, you wish to order a diary for this Spectral Storm Year after being without for a whole year….
I have to dissapoint you. It is again just in Dutch.
But; some told me that even if they are native english speaking , the Dutch was not a problem to use. Of course, I can provide an English translation if this years energy and Solar seals, Tones, Moons + Wavespell texts are described in the 13-Moon Shortguide.

So the only thing you need to adapt to is that
Monday = maandag
Tuesday= dinsdag
April = april, May = mei,
So, what do you think? Can you get used to it?
Or rather buy a Gregorian Diary?

Take a look at the inside 

To complete your diary: Order also the 13-Moon Short Guide

Why just in Dutch
I live in Holland, I am Dutch. There is a big group of users and buyers and it grew a lot last year. I support it with video’s on youtube each wavespell (in Dutch).

Why not anymore in English?
There were too little amount of agenda’s sold abroad. Just 300.
My publisher doesn’t want to print it anymore.

– you are willing to pay 25 euro’s a diary.
– or you find a publisher yourself who will do it…
– and take care to promote it.

I know that when each of you would buy 5 diaries to give/sell to friends, they will love the flow of this new natural time.

I am willing to make it in English!
Let me hear  your ideas,  hope you come up with a brilliant idea…

I think it is important to get this 13 Moon Calendar to the people.
This 13 Moon Diary is a good tool to adapt to the new natural time and it is colorful and easy to use. I believe its can really change your time and heart.


In lak’ech
Nicole E.Zonderhuis

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5 Responses to 13 Moon Diary 2016 -2017

  1. Lynne Gravell says:

    Its not just the days- I could work that out, its more the longer explanations and the overall year discussion that I dont want to miss out on! I dont mind paying 25 euros for the copy

    • Nicole says:

      We have a solution for it: See the image of the 13-Moon short Guide + Storm year + downloadable backpocket to fit in the 13-Moon Short Guide.

  2. I missed using the 13moon calendar so much this year I will be buying it in Dutch. It is an incredible tool. I translate it into Spanish for my clients and meditations. But hope you print it in English again

  3. Paige Tucker says:

    I really missed the 13 moon diary last year and would have purchased it in Dutch, I just could not figure out where to get it. If you can let me know where to order it for this coming year I definitely want one… and would be willing to help get more people interested in another English version!

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