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The 13-Moon Calendar

The 13-Moon Calendar is a calendar based on the sacred Mayan Tzolkin calendar of 260 days. In this Tzolkin calendar each of these 260 days has a specific energy attached to it. Each day has its own ‘face’, its identity or character, which influences its events, a person’s luck at the moment, or even his fate. For example a Dragon day is a good day to initiate projects and start things. A Mirrors day tempts you to see through the illusions and seek the truth. Also each Moon/month has its own energy, function and totem animal.

Visionary José Argüelles translated this calendar to a worldwide usable 13 Moon, or Dreamspell Calendar. This calendar helps us to align ourselves again with the natural cycles of nature and time. In these hectic and stressful times this ancient calendar can be a useful tool in guiding our day to day living in a fun and productive way.
Even more, the 13-Moon Calendar enables one to heal the past and positively influence the future.


13 Moons, 28 days
“PAN is predicated on the use of a 13 month 28 day calendar as a uniform and perpetual standard of measure. The end of the cycle of 13 baktuns indicates the impetus to remember our prehistoric origins and regain our intuitive understanding of nature. Despite being a perfectly sound mathematical tool, the 13 Moon 28 day calendar is virtually absent from the history books. It seems only to appear at the aboriginal edges of our collective consciousness. For example, although a form of the 13 Moon 28 day count was likely the earliest solar calendar of Mesoamerica (Edmonson, 1988 pag.111), it was, unlike the linear long-count of history, not overtly inscribed on the stone monuments of the classic period. However, the Indigenous Maya Elders have revealed that there is to this day a 13 month 28 day calendar (called the Tzotz Tun, or ‘bat cycle’) still being used in “a very secret way” (Yaxkin, 1988). It is an enigma that despite its obvious utility our species has scarcely left behind any concrete record of the 13:28 cycle. One rare exception is found on pages 23 & 24 of the Paris Codex. This is doubly an anomaly because, unlike other Mayan almanacs which, as in our own writing style, consistently progress from left to right, the almanac of Paris 23-24 progresses from right to left (Bricker & Bricker, 1992 pag.150). That is, the 13 Moon 28 day count runs counter to the linear flow of history.” This, we conclude, is why it has been ‘kept secret’, lost in the Dreamtime, until the close of the 13th baktun when, as the advance of global civilization reaches its decadent apex, like a survival-instinct the memory returns. “The 13-Moon Calendar is without a history. It does not drag a past forward, but brings the Galactic order into focus, in the now”
(13 Moons in Motion, 1992 pag.24).


“The indigenous wisdom of the Earth has left the 13 Moon 28 day calendar unrecorded, uninscribed, that its sacred cycle of celebrations remain untarnished by the crudities of linear history and attendant political manipulations. Despite its ancient character the 28 day 13 Moon count remains a karmically clean slate, inviting humanity to enter the future free from the limiting factors of history.”
– Aaron Woolrich, kin 081.
Read the whole story on http://www.scribd.com


13 Moon ‘horoscope’
The 13-Moon Calendar can be consulted to make a ‘Maya horoscope’. It renders insight into yourself and what you as a soul are doing here. The Oracle – your Solar Seal and Tone, combined with the four supporting energies that surround it – gives deep insight into your challenges, shadow side, traps, qualities and power. This knowledge helps one understand why people around you are as they are and helps one accept oneself for being what one is. This selfacceptance has the effect of increasing personal power. One learns which talents one has and the best way to develop them. You realize that you are a unique gift to life itself, just as we all are.


You are so lucky! In the English language there is so much information about the Calendar.
To acquire a more profound understanding of the 13-Moon Calendar we recommend you read the original books of José Argüelles.

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