13 Moon Diary 2016 -2017

Title: 13 Manen Agenda
van de natuurlijke tijd
Author: Nicole E. Zonderhuis
ISBN: 9789078070870
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Yeah I know, you wish to order a diary for this Spectral Storm Year after being without for a whole year….
I have to dissapoint you. It is again just in Dutch.
But; some told me that even if they are native english speaking , the Dutch was not a problem to use. Of course, I can provide an English translation if this years energy and Solar seals, Tones, Moons + Wavespell texts are described in the 13-Moon Shortguide.

So the only thing you need to adapt to is that
Monday = maandag
Tuesday= dinsdag
April = april, May = mei,
So, what do you think? Can you get used to it?
Or rather buy a Gregorian Diary?

Take a look at the inside 

To complete your diary: Order also the 13-Moon Short Guide

Why just in Dutch
I live in Holland, I am Dutch. There is a big group of users and buyers and it grew a lot last year. I support it with video’s on youtube each wavespell (in Dutch).

Why not anymore in English?
There were too little amount of agenda’s sold abroad. Just 300.
My publisher doesn’t want to print it anymore.

– you are willing to pay 25 euro’s a diary.
– or you find a publisher yourself who will do it…
– and take care to promote it.

I know that when each of you would buy 5 diaries to give/sell to friends, they will love the flow of this new natural time.

I am willing to make it in English!
Let me hear  your ideas,  hope you come up with a brilliant idea…

I think it is important to get this 13 Moon Calendar to the people.
This 13 Moon Diary is a good tool to adapt to the new natural time and it is colorful and easy to use. I believe its can really change your time and heart.


In lak’ech
Nicole E.Zonderhuis

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T-shirts with your own Maya day sign

Now it possible to order great shirts with your own Mayan day sign . You can customize a lot; choose the kind of shirt, the fabric (p.e.organic), the color, the design and the color of the print.

check it out  now!

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Year of Purification…..yes we feel it!

The last 4 periods of 13 days (called Wavespells) were very intense and working for this years energy: purification.

Skywalker  (sept 8 – 20) took us out of our comfortzone to let go of limiting beliefs and prejudices.
Worldbridger Wavespell ( sept. 21 – oct 3) helped us to let go and forgive…on a deep  level, changing our DNA, to establish a new YOU. Don’t be afraid. Let go and forgive. If you can’t, the Storm Wavespell (oct 4- 16) will come to rip it apart. Hold steady and let Storm do its work. Let it be transformed. Use the energy this process creates.
Human Wavespell (oct 17 – 29)  is the power of Free Will everything is a choice. How you see your life, how you experience what happens to you is your choice. What is it for you: you want to be the victim or 
the master of your own life? 

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Happy New Solar Moon Year

We had a beautiful Day out of Time celebration at Fort Blauwkapel in Utrecht, Holland. Again I think we were one of the biggest. It was beautiful to see so many people dressed in yellow. What a Yellow Star power on this Yellow Star day. There was a lot of creativity an music. It made me happy to see so many children this year. Avigdor made a wonderful compilation of the day. On the facebook event page are more photo’s.

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Warrior Wavespell

From May 14 to 26 we are in the Warrior Wavespell. It is a spiritual warrior, a warrior from truth.
Warrior is the power of fearlesness. He has the courage to step forward in difficult situations to defend his truth. Warrior collects wisdom by asking questions. Who ask should be ready to receive the answers. He who is able to listen to it will be really wise.

I want to share quotes from the books of Carlos Castaneda in which he describes his interventions with his Mexican teacher/shaman Don Juan.  Highly recommended books to become a true warrior! Continue reading

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She arrived…!

She arrived! From today you can order the 13-Moon Diary for the next Moon year.
The first reactions are very good!  It is even more colorful then former years. And for ‘starters’ easier to find your way.

Check the preview and order here.

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Rectification of the Daily meditations

Unfortunately there is a mistake in the  Calendar with the Plasma Seals.
On the Solar Jaguar Moon, Planteary Blue Hand, 6th March/2014 it figures as Dali but actually it was Silio…
Then the rest of the Agenda continues this wrong sequence.

The day numbers are right – every day 1,8,15 and 22 should be a Dali – first day of the week.
Please take care with your meditations to take the right one!
Use the day numbers to find the right meditation.

We are very sorry for this. The dairy is a human made product. We make mistakes. Continue reading

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Seed Wavespell: full of potential

Today the Seed Wavespell started. We will have 13 days – from March 23rd – April 4th -in this energy. It is a good time to:

  • plant seeds
  • work in your garden
  • be patient
  • be creative
  • come together
  • come into action and work hard
  • seduce someone and love passionate
  • sport
  • have strong focus
  • to transform*
  • be in tune (GAP’s)
  • to connect to the other world
  • have ceremony
  • set your course
  • to enjoy  Continue reading
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Monkey Wavespell

Don’t be a Donkey, go monkeying around! Have fun.
Take at least once a day a time to play!
Humans beings are able to fully enjoy the world around them, feel their heart open when they see and smell beautiful flowers. Open your heart, trust and enjoy.

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Storm Wavespell – to clean or to be cleaned

Welcome to the Storm Wavespell. We are in the middle of the Storm now. Storm is giving a lot of energy which I am using to work. As you see on the picture this lady is giving me a hard time; walking around, stepping on the keyboard and messing up my papers. She is my storm now… asking my attention and forcing me to clean up my desk.  😉

If – after the previous two Wavespells – there are still things you don’t really want to face, the Storm Wavespell will be merciless. It will not be subtle: after all, a mild breeze is not a storm. Know, however, that this only occurs to purify and transform you. If everything remains calm in your life, don’t forget you might end up in somebody else’s storm. Remain calm. Storm also gives you great power; you have much energy to deal with all sorts of things. Put your shoulder to the wheel!

Things will change…so you better remain at the helm and stay on course. Enjoy the ride.


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